Plane Flaw

Plane Flaw can be added into pipe node and allows to check stresses in cracks using GB/T 19624-2019 code (China). Analysis results are printed in Flaw Stress Table






Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view

Characteristic Crack Dimension, a

a - from the pictures below

Half of Wrapping Angle

18…180 degrees

Safety Factor

Safety factor

Tensile strength at operating temperature

Tensile strength at operating temperature for pipe material

J-integral Fracture Toughness

J-integral Fracture Toughness

Corrosion Allowance

Corrosion Allowance

Measured Wall Thickness nearby Flaw

B on the pictured above

Plane Flaw Check

The following equation should be satisfied

Menu and Toolbar Access

To insert a ballasting weight, select the desired node and use the menu option: Insert > Flaw > Plane Flaw