Setting used for normal model calculation




The number of required lowest frequencies

The number of frequencies to be calculated

Accuracy of eigensolution

Accuracy of eigensolution

Maximum iterations

Maximum iterations during eigensolution

Friction coefficient for dynamic analysis

The coefficient that is used for friction linearization 1/mm (or other length units). Enter zero value to ignore friction in the analysis. Use great value like 10000 to consider friction as rigid restraints. Learn more...

Cut-off frequency

Cut-off frequency that is used for automatic mass distribution. Learn more...

Convergence speed

0 - default value (recommended)

If specified 0, the speed selected automatically. If 0.3 is specified, the 30% more eigenvectors are used during iteration. It consume more memory and resources, but convergence speed should be greater. The recommended value is 2.0 or more

Menu Access

Dialog window opens automatically when creating a new analysis file or opening an existing analysis file. To open this window in an open file, use  File > Project Settings