Transfer Spring and Constant Load Hanger Properties

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Transfer Selected Properties to Constant and Variable Springs

This function allows the transfer properties that has been automatically selected into variable spring supports, variable spring hangers and constant load supports and hangers as input data. This can be used for manual control of piping forces and stress. This has been demonstrated to produce more economic results compared with  automatic selection. In addition, manual adjustments to supporting forces in variable spring supports is often necessary to remove loads from equipment connections.

The following properties are transferred using this function:

When "clear spring properties" is selected, supporting load and flexibility (stiffness) is set to zero, but the number of spring chains (rods or supports) is not changed.

When you select the transfer or clear variable spring support properties function, you will be asked to select the springs for this operation.

(!) Please note that this cannot be used to input properties for selected springs to analyze for other piping modes where springs are already selected (for example, Equipment Alignment Check, transportation stage etc.). In this case, pre-compression must be specified instead of operation load. To do this, springs must be changed to custom restraints (see below). More...

Convert Springs into Custom Restraints

Use: Service > Convert Spring into Custom Restraint

This function converts the specified (or all) variable spring supports and hangers with custom restraints. Springs are replaced with vertical elastic restraints. The pre-compression value is transferred from the Variable Spring Supports and Hangers Properties Table into the custom restraint. The operating and cold load on spring is changed in different operating modes. But pre-compression value always remains constant.

This allows you to keep the selected springs, but at the same time change the piping design. For example, it is used during Equipment Alignment Check, transportation stage etc.

Menu Access

Service > Apply Spring Properties

Service > Clear Spring Properties