Analysis of Maximum Length, Virtual Anchor Length, Elongation and Anchor Loads for Buried Pipeline

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This analysis allows approximate calculation of:

In addition, load on anchors based on input section length can be calculated.

Input data can be copied using the toolbar icon and  inserted into any other Start-Elements analysis by using the toolbar icon in that file.

Input Data





External diameter, D

External pipe diameter, D

Pipe wall thickness, S

Nominal wall thickness

External casing diameter, Dc

External insulation casing diameter. If insulation is absent, set as 0

Casing thickness, SC

Insulation casing thickness

Depth, Z

Depth (distance from soil surface to pipe axis)

Ambient temperature

Average wall (metal) temperature at the time when pipe segments become a single joined structure. More...

Operation temperature

Operation temperature in operation state. More...

Uniform pipe weight

Piping and adjoining equipment uniform weight. More...

Uniform insulation weight

Uniform insulation weight. More...

Uniform product weight

Uniform product weight. More...

Operation pressure, P

Operation pressure in operation state. Set for all standards except SNIP 2.05.06-85. More...

Insulation type

Armopenobeton, polymer, polyurethane, other. For polyurethane, insulation casing diameter  DC and casing thickness SC are selected automatically from the database based on pipe diameter  D. For other insulation types, these data must be input manually

Backfill soil number

Trench soil number, can be selected from the soil database.

Base soil number

Base (undisturbed) soil number, can be selected from the soil database.

Steel grade

Pipe material from the materials database


After analysis, the following output is displayed



Maximum extension of compensation zone

Pipe end displacement after extension


Uniform friction force of pipe on soil

Achor Load

Maximum allowable longitudinal force acting on the anchor

Pipeline maximum length

Maximum allowable length of a straight section without expansion joints based on strength requirements

Pipeline virtual anchor length, La

Distance from pipe end to the point where pipe displacement is equal to 0. It's sliding zone length La. See also

Maximum stress

Maximum equivalent pipe stress

Allowable stress

Allowable stress for GOST R 55596-2013 and RD 10-400-01 1.5[σ], and design resistance for SNIP 2.05.06-85 

- for buried pipelines

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