Upheaval Buckling of Buried Pipeline

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Straight buried pipe analysis is done for:

- friction factor, F - cross-section area, Q - backfill load

Input data can be copied using the toolbar icon and  inserted into any other Start-Elements analysis by using the toolbar icon in that file.

Input data



External diameter, D

External pipe diameter, D

Pipe wall thickness, S

Nominal wall thickness

External casing diameter, Dc

External insulation casing diameter. If insulation is absent, set as 0

Ambient temperature

Average wall (metal) temperature at the time when pipe segments become a single joined structure. More...

Uniform pipe weight

Pipeline and adjoining equipment uniform weight. More...

Uniform insulation weight

Uniform insulation weight. More...

Uniform product weight

Uniform product weight. More...

Backfill soil number

Trench soil number, can be selected from the soil database (see appendix 1 below)

Operation pressure, P

Operation pressure in operation state. Set for all standards except SNIP 2.05.06-85. More...

Steel grade

Pipe material from the materials database

Depth, Z

Minimum allowable depth (distance from soil surface to pipe axis). Soil prevents pipe swelling; therefore, increasing depth increases stability

Axial force

Maximum allowable compression force in the pipeline

Menu Access

Pipe. Buried > Stability Analysis