Lateral Buckling of Above-ground Piping Check

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Above ground pipe should be checked for longitudinal stability under axial weight or pressure load.

Pressure thrust forces in expansion joints can lead to stability lost of piping. The guide supports must be added to prevent buckling. Also buckling can happen on very high risers under own weight.

1 - Fixed Anchor, 2 - Axial bellows, 3 - Guide support

It is recommended also to check longitudinal stability from axial force caused by temperature expansion. It is not so dangerous as weight and pressure load, but can lead to additional bending load to flanges and deformation of piping.



For a very long gas and oil transmission pipelines it could lead to appearance of arches on the pipeline.

Stability analysis for straight above-ground pipes on resting supports is covered in GOST R 55596-2013, RD 10-400-01 and SNIP 2.05.06-85, and is useful for laying small diameter pipelines together with (in a bundle) large and medium diameter pipelines on supports. If other standards are used, this analysis is optional. Stability safety margin must be input.

This analysis calculates either the required spacing between guiding supports or allowable axial compression force.

- distance between supports,

- free length factor.

Maximum deflection of the pipe under thermal expansion can be calculated:

- initial deflection,

- thermal expansion of pipeline.

Input data can be copied using the toolbar icon and  inserted into any other Start-Elements analysis by using the toolbar icon in that file.

Input Data



External diameter, D

External pipe diameter, D

Pipe wall thickness, S

Nominal wall thickness

Operation pressure, P

Operation pressure in work state. More...

Uniform pipe weight

Pipeline and adjoining equipment uniform weight. More...

Uniform insulation weight

Uniform insulation weight. More...

Uniform product weight

Uniform product weight. More...

Resting support friction factor, mu

Friction factor must be from 0.1 to 0.4

Free length factor

Steel grade

Pipe material from the materials database

Spacing between guiding supports, Lcr

Maximum spacing between guiding supports, with which stability requirements are met

Axial compression force, N

Critical axial force

- allowable longitudinal force based on stability requirements for an infinitely long straight pipeline on resting supports (stability is achieved by lateral friction);

- critical axial compression force based on longitudinal stability requirements for centrally-compressed straight pipes, taking into account elastic-plastic material functions.

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