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Database contains properties and flexibility of variable spring support spring chains of varying allowable load based on:

Database is read only.

For ANVIL, Pipe Supports Ltd., Carpenter & Paterson, LISEGA, WITZENMANN, ANVIL, NBT 47039-2013, China power, SEONGHWA springs:



Displacement range

Maximum allowable operation displacement range

Type number

Variable spring support type symbol


Allowable load in the restraint direction

Spring rate

Spring stiffness


For OST 108.764.01-80, OST 24.125.109-01, MVN 049-63, MN 3958-62



Allowable load, Rmax

Maximum allowable compression (stretch) value for this spring type

Operation deformation

2 types of springs exist: with allowable subsidence of  λmax=140mm and λmax=70mm


Spring height in free state. More...


Flexibility with given chain structure (type 1 - λmax=70mm, type 2 - λmax=140mm): 1, 2, 1+2=3, 2+2=4, 1+2+2=5, 2+2+2=6, 1+2+2+2=7, etc.

For, with chain structure 1+2+2=5, total operation deformation is 5*70 or 70+140+140=350mm. For springs with a allowable load of P=514kgf, flexibility is equal to  λmax/P = 350/514 = 0.6809 mm/kgf. More...

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