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20 December 2021

PSRE Co Is Pleased to Announce PASS/EQUIP 3.4 Release

Following demands of our valued Customers, we continue to enhance PASS/EQUIP, the comprehensive equipment stress analysis software. In PASS/EQUIP 3.4 version some commonly used international codes have been included.

Starting from 3.4 version, PASS/EQUIP supports the following codes:

  1. Calculation of vertical tanks according to API 650:
    • calculation of tanks with a steel wall;
    • calculation for wind, snow, seismic loads;
    • calculation of stiffening rings;
    • calculation of nozzles;
    • calculation of the junction of the wall and roof, wall and bottom;
    • calculation of self-supporting shell roofs.
  2. Calculation of wind loads according to CFE 2020 (Mexico).

PASS/EQUIP 3.4 also contains some significant improvements, including the following ones:

  1. New components have been added:
    • custom equipment (with the ability to load and visualize an arbitrary CAD 3D model as part of PASS/EQUIP analysis model, and to automatically calculate its weight on the base of material attribute in CAD model, or total volume and material density):
  2. PASS/EQUIP Vessel&Exchanger configuration now supports:
    • Baffles for air coolers;
    • Elements of metal structures for air coolers;
    • Automatic fastening of air coolers for loads calculating in the model elements has been added;
    • Option to place pipes in concentric circles in the tube bundle constructor;
    • Immersion Heater option to U-type heat exchangers calculated per ASME VIII-1 App.41.
  3. PASS/EQUIP Vessel configuration: the option of material selection has been added to the plates and nozzles, as well as the independent setting of the material and weight of removable and welded elements.
  4. PASS/EQUIP Tanks configuration now supports “Tumbstone” option for wall nozzles.
  5. PASS/EQUIP Seismic module now supports fractional seismic rates, which makes seismic loads analysis significantly more accurate.
  6. Materials and Components database: torispherical heads have been included as per DIN28013 and DIN28011.
  7. Calculation of elements according to Russian rules of strength calculation for equipment and pipelines of nuclear power plants PNAE G-7-002 has been added:
    • cylindrical and conical shells;
    • elliptical, hemispherical, torispherical heads;
    • flat heads;
    • nozzles.
  8. Calculation of elements under high pressure (in addition to already supported shells, heads and nozzles):
    • high pressure flange joint according to RD RTM 26-01-44-78;
    • high pressure bend according to RD RTM 26-01-44-78.

Visit the product page to get more information about PASS/EQUIP 3.4.

All users with active Maintenance Support are recommended to download the new software version.