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PASS/START-PROF Online Training Course

PASS/START-PROF provides comprehensive pipe stress analysis with related sizing calculations according to the most requested international codes and standards. First introduced in 1965, PASS/START-PROF combines a highly efficient solver, powerful analysis features, friendly and easy to use GUI, an intuitive 3D graphical pre/post-processor, a detailed help system with embedded intelligence from generations of piping design experts.

Course overview:
This course created by experienced piping stress analysis specialists covers all features of onshore above ground and underground piping and pipeline analysis. The course is based on PASS/START-PROF software applying, though it will be valuable for users of any other pipe stress analysis tools as it contains a lot of theoretical information.

The course consists of pre-recorded video lectures, quizzes, examples and handout materials.

Type: on-demand online course.

Duration: 25-30 hours.

Who should attend: process, piping and mechanical engineers specialized in design and piping stress analysis for the specified industries:

Training software: all trainees are provided with a free 30-days PASS/START-PROF license.


Section 1. Working with PASS/START-PROF User Interface339 min
Section 2. Piping Supports138 min
Section 3. Stress Analysis Theory and Results Evaluation237 min
Section 4. Underground Pipe Modeling249 min
Section 5. Static and Rotating Equipment Modeling and Evaluation244 min
Section 6. Expansion Joints, Flexible Hoses, Couplings106 min
Section 7. Non-Metallic Piping Stress Analysis99 min
Section 8. External Interfaces65 min

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Course price: 200 USD 30 USD.

Certificate: After finishing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Learning Platform as well as the Certificate from PASS Team.

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