Fired Heater

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The pipe is not welded to heater shell like in ordinary equipment. Heater have a hole, the pipe runs through that hole inside the heater body. Analysis results can be found in Loads on Nozzles and Equipment Table. See also "How to Reduce the Nozzle Loads in START-PROF"

There are two modeling techniques:

You can choose one of these two methods.

First Method - Allowable Loads

First method is very conservative. The loads on heater usually are very huge, but allowable loads are very small and can't be met. Element "Fired Heater" is used for modelling of heater using the first method.

Second Method - Allowable Displacements

Using the second method it is more easy to satisfy the vendor requirements. There's no need to model whole furnace coil, just 3-4 U-Tubes is enough.

The supports in the furnace coil should be modeled correctly.

The following conditions should be met:






Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view

Remove restraints for hanger selection

If this option is activated, then some restraints are removed from nozzle element during weight run of variable and constant spring selection. During main analysis restraints are working. This trick allows to remove the weight part of loading from the nozzle element. Springs will take the exact load, at which displacements from pure weight load is zero. Options:

  • Remove vertical restraint. Only vertical restraint will be released during hanger selection

  • Remove custom restraints. You should manually choose which restraints should be released during hanger selection

  • Remove all restraints. During hanger selection all direction restraints will be released




Thermal Movement X,Y,Z

The fired heater is modeled as an fixed anchor with thermal movements. These movements must be entered as input data

Allowable Loads

There are several options: no check, enter allowable loads manually and get allowable loads from API 560 code

Menu and Toolbar Access

To insert a pump, select the desired node and use the menu option: Insert > Equipment > Fired Heater API 560