Splitting a Pipe Element (insert several nodes)

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The "split element" function automates the process of creating a long element with several intermediate supports. Bends can also be split.

Let's take a 50 meter element as an example.

Select the element and click the toolbar icon, after which the below dialog window will be displayed.

Enter the number of parts (spans) into which element 1-2 should be split and the node number from which to start numbering internal nodes. Let's input 5 as the number of parts. Also choose the type of support you want to place into each intermediate node

After clicking OK, all changes are applied and displayed in the model.

When splitting buried elements, soil height in new nodes is calculated using linear interpolation of soil height in element start and end nodes. Subsidence and water height is calculated in the same way. More...

Bends are split in the same way.


Menu Access

Tools > Insert Several Nodes

Toolbar Access