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Vertical In-line Pump

In-line pump is modeled the same as a valve, using the rigid element, and provide the allowable load check according to the selected standard. Analysis results can be found in Loads on Nozzles and Equipment Table. See also "How to Reduce the Nozzle Loads in START-PROF"






The following codes are available:

  • API 610 / ISO 13709

  • ISO 9905

  • ISO 5199

  • Other


Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view


Length of valve with adjoining flanges (distance between pipe ends)


Valve weight (including flanges and companion flanges, if present), not including insulation and fluid. A standard value is set, not considering the overload factors. The fluid and insulation weight with corresponding overload factors applied exactly as on the connected pipes.


Material from materials database

Manufacturing technology

For ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, DL/T 5366-2014 seamless pipe will always use Wl=1.0. For electric-welded pipe Wl will be specified from database. More...

When using  GOST 32388-2013, pipe physical properties are taken from different materials databases depending on pipe type (seamless/welded).


Pump Temperature. More...

This property can be changed in different operation modes. To see the value of this property in all operating modes push the button

Allowable Exceed Factor

For API 610 the default value is 2.0

For other codes the default value is 1.4. You can change this value according to pump manufacturer instructions.


Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view

Allowable Loads Check

Allowable loads and moments for vertical in-line pumps with supports not anchored to the foundation may be twice the values in table 5 for side nozzles.

If nozzle loads exceed allowable, then method from annex F of API 610 code may be used

Menu and Toolbar Access

To insert an in-line pump, select the desired node and use the menu option: Insert > Equipment > In-line Pump