Working With Independent Piping Segments

Several disconnected and independent piping segments can be created in one file.

To do this, select the "Work with independent piping segments" option in view properties. The following will be displayed:

Possible ways to create a new, independent piping segment:

1. Create a new pipe element and input numbers of two non-existent nodes, not present in the model

2. Copy an element and insert it using Edit > Paste to Independent Node

3. Delete any intermediate element, separating the piping into disconnected segments

4. Insert an independent node and input the disconnected piping segment from it

For independent piping segment, absolute global coordinates relative to the start of coordinates are displayed for each node in node properties.

The center of global coordinates for each selected node can be set using Tools > Set Origin in the Node. Or using the popup menu "Set Origin into this Node"

Each independent segment must have at least one base node, and its absolute coordinates are also available. Any node can be assigned as base node using popup menu "Set this Node as Base Node of Segent":

Base node cannot be moved. In other words, when the piping dimensions are changed, coordinates of all nodes except the base node will change.

If the base node coordinates are changed, the entire segment will move relative to the center of coordinates and other independent piping segments.

Selected independent segments can be view in the project tree.