Node Displacement Table

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This table displays all piping model node displacements. Table view and contents depend on four properties, which must be input:



Operating Mode

Choose operation mode for which the results will be displayed

Maximum - the maximum value will be displayed in every cell from all operation modes

Here you can see analysis results from each of additional force-based loading, seismic, wind, and ice loading


For every operating mode software calculates several submodes (piping states)

For more information, see force and effect combination.

Occasional Loads

  • Maximim + Seismic. Seismic load cases are considered

  • Maximum and minimum + Seismic


Linear and rotational displacements are displayed as projections on coordinate axes:

Fig. 1. Node displacement in global (general) and local coordinate systems

Displacement filter

Only linear, only rotational, or linear and rotational displacements are displayed

Element filter

Displacement in all nodes, only in supports and hangers, only in valves, only in bends is displayed

Since a bend angle is not physically present in the element intersection point, displacement for nodes with bends is displayed for a point in the middle of the bend.
Linear displacement corresponding with the coordinate axes direction is positive. Counter-clockwise rotation angles (looking from the end of the axis around which the turn occurs) are positive.

Menu Access

After analysis: Output > Displacement