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Revit-PASS/START-PROF is an integration system developed to accurately transfer the geometry of pipelines and attributive information from the BIM design system into the piping stress analysis software.

Applying of the integration system allows organizations using Autodesk Revit and PASS/START-PROF to effectively organize the design of industrial facilities by:

  • Significant reducing of the time required for recurring data input when performing analysis in PASS/START-PROF;
  • Elimination of errors caused by repeated manual data input while creating a calculation model.

The integration system provides the ability to flexibly adjust the compliance of Autodesk Revit and PASS/START-PROF attributes depending on the Revit’s families used in the organization.

Data exchange is implemented through a PASS/START-PROF neutral format, which allows users to transfer any pipeline-related technological and geometrical data to PASS/START-PROF.

Revit-PASS/START-PROF is a cost-effective solution as it enables to separate roles of designers and engineers engaged in the project and thus to optimize the organization’s budget.

System Requirements

System requirements depend on the tasks that will be performed by the user.

To export the model in a neutral format, Autodesk Revit 2019 or higher is required (see system requirements for Revit on the official website:

To convert a neutral format file, PASS/START-PROF is needed.

System requirements for PASS/START-PROF:

Windows 7/8/10+
IA-32 or AMD64 / EM64T architecture processor
1GB of RAM
Video card with OpenGL 2.0+ support and 1GB+ of RAM
Display resolution at least 1024x768, recommended 1280x1024

Download Software

SoftwareLinkUpload Date
Revit-PASS/START-PROF 1.0.1 (English)
Dongle Update (KeySt) zip, 4.31 MiB 16.04.2019
Dongle Drivers (SafeNet Sentinel 7.6.5) exe, 8.01 MiB 10.01.2013