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Error Message

Cause and Solution


Iterations didn't converge

Simultaneous iterations for friction and single-directional restraints didn't converge.

1. Switch the iteration mode to "mode 1-5" in Project Settings. Usually it helps with this king of issue

2. Change distance between markers in Project Settings. Default value 500D. Recommended value in case of problems 50D-100D. To see additional markers please activate the "display additional markers" option in 3D view properties

3. Check gaps in the model. It is incorrect to add mounting tolerances, used to facilitate installation, as gaps into piping model. Usually there are a lot of such gaps (in each support) and they are very small (1-3 mm). If such gaps are specified in the model the serious problems with iteration convergence may occur. Please remove such small gaps from the model.

It is needed to specify only big structural gaps, that are controlled during installation. For example the limit stops, anti-seismic stops etc. Usually such gaps are big (>5 mm) and their number is few.

4. Iterations might not converge due to loss of accuracy. Try to insert markers. in case if the branch diameter is much smaller than run diameter, it is recommended to add markers on both sides of the branch:

5. Try to set friction factor = 0 for specified restraint

6. Remove specified support from the model. After that check the displacement in the node without support. If displacement is in allowed direction or in disallowed direction, but very small (lower than 5mm) then you got the almost right solution. If displacements is higher, but stress check and restraint loads check is OK then you can analyze the model without this support because the system with this support will work better.

7. Slightly change the model: pressure, temperature, support placing etc. Sometimes the small changes of the model can lead to successful convergence of iterations

8. Try to set friction factor = 0 for all supports

9. Try to insert markers. Usually it helps with this king of issue

10. Check if the system is geometrically nonlinear and fix it

11. Try to split the big mode into several smaller ones through fixed anchors. See Independent Piping Segments

12. If failed, please send the START-PROF project file to technical support


Variable spring support selection code absent

Variable spring supports present in input data, but their analysis code is not set in project settings


Spring selection for high-temperature pipelines is not possible in cold state

This is not allowed for high temperature piping


Test pressure not set for some elements

If test state analysis is required, test pressure must be input for all elements


Self-compensation absent. Not enough restraints

Not enough supports


Operation temperature does not match temperature cycles

Maximum operation temperature must match the maximum value in  temperature cycles


Single use expansion joint locking temperature absent

Single use expansion joint welding temperature not input


For RD-10-249-98 buried elements not allowed

RD-10-249-98 do not cover buried elements


Additional loads absent

There are no additional loads


Materials database not found

Materials database cannot be found at indicated path or the path is absent


Springs database not found

Springs database cannot be found at indicated path or the path is absent


Soil database not found

Soil database cannot be found at indicated path or the path is absent


Expansion joints database not found

Expansion joints database cannot be found at indicated path or the path is absent


No loading cycles set

Cycle properties are absent in  temperature cycles


Number of degrees of freedom  values exceeds 1000

Number of unknown values limit is not met. Start-Pro must be used


code 306 all elements

Temporary file cannot be created, access is denied


A kinematically variable system is set or the number of supports is insufficient for a rigid restraint of the piping. The model must be checked and/or markers must be added

The input model is a mechanism rather than a rigid structure. The model must be checked and supports must be added. This error is also displayed when piping end nodes contain supports other than fixed anchors or custom restraints


Temporary file cannot be opened

Cannot access temporary START-PROF files. Path to temporary files must be changed: Service > Settings > Path to files > Temp files


Cannot open file

One of the following file paths is incorrect:

Material.mdb (Materials database)

Prug.mdb (Springs database)

Grunt.mdb (Soil database)

Comp.mdb(Expansion joints database)

Insulation.mdb(Insulation database)

Corrosion.mdb(Corrosion database)

Pereg.txt(overload factor database, path indicated in CTAPTDIR (CTAPTDIR\Base) in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PSRE LTD\CTAPTPR\04.67\Settings) More...



Unknown error. Contact software developers!

To troubleshoot this error, the .ctp file must be set to START-PROF design team for analysis, at


No temperature cycles set

Temperature cycles is not set


Marker must be added

At least one of the following conditions must be met to run the analysis:

  • One of START-PROF end nodes must contain an  fixed anchor

  • One of START-PROF end nodes must contain a Moment free anchor

  • One of piping ends must be free without restraints, with or without a cap

  • A  marker must be placed in any model node


Files not found

Some databases can't be found at the specified path. Please check "Paths to files" tab in General Settings and ensure that databases exit at the specified paths. Or reinstall software

Geometry Errors

Error Message

Cause and Solution

Geometry error. Circuit not closed

Node number  where error occurred Nk

N1, X1, Y1, Z1

N2, X2, Y2, Z2

Element projection error. Approaching the same node Nk from two different sides in a closed circuit results in conflicting coordinates.

Circuit where the error occurred: Nk  - node number;

N1, N2,...- node numbers and their coordinates forming a chain leading to  Nk

When this error occurs, the same node has two sets of coordinates and it is displayed in two places on the model (as shown below).

Usually this happening after importing the model from other software. Usually the eccentricity between pipes in eccentric reducers is the reason. Also sometimes it's happening due to the pipe slope angle definition.

The fast way to fix it is delete one of the pipes and the select two nodes and insert new pipe between them. In this case the projections DX,DY,DZ of this pipe will be recalculated automatically to close the circuit correctly.

Node number where error occurred Nk

N1, X1, Y1, Z1

N2, X2, Y2, Z2

Data for the next circuit where an error occurred, and so on.