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14 August 2023

PASS Team Announces Release of PASS/EQUIP 3.6

PASS Team announces release of PASS/EQUIP 3.6, comprehensive software for pressure vessel design and analysis.

The 3.6 software version contains new functionality highly demanded by customers, as well as bug fixes.

In PASS/EQUIP 3.6, the following features become available:

  • calculation of wind loads:
    • for vertical and horizontal vessels: IS-875, ASCE 7-16
    • for columns: IS-875, ASCE 7-16
    • for vertical tanks: CFE-2020, EN 1991-1-4, ASCE 7-16, IS-875
  • calculation of seismic loads:
    • for vertical and horizontal vessels: CFE-2015, ASCE 7-16
    • for columns: CFE-2015, ASCE 7-16
    • for vertical tanks: CFE-2015, IS-1893, EN-1998
  • calculation of a torospherical partition and a partition from a spherical segment;
  • setting loads on flanges, fittings, etc., depending on the design cases;
  • calculation for low-cycle strength taking into account various loading cases;
  • calculation of inertial (transportation) loads according to the specified acceleration;
  • calculation of seismic loads on columns taking into account higher harmonics according to SP 14.13330.2018;
  • calculation of weakening of a flat bottom by insets according to ASME VIII-1, EN-13445.

'Structure' component has been improved; the following features have been added:

  • forming an assembly of structures;
  • connection of structures to each other;
  • attaching links and anchors to endpoints.

Get more release details in PASS/EQUIP Release History document.

We recommend all users with active Support to download and install the new version.