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Project Name: Compact mobile separation equipment design and construction

Company Name: Oilteam Engineering

Project Description

Region Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation
Dates 2016-2017
Scope Project scope included equipment design and construction taking into account the neccesity of its optimization for the metal consumption/strength ratio under various scenarios of transportation and arrangement.
Project Specific

This project was executed in Russia for the first time.

An outstanding feature of the project was ensuring maximum mobility and versatility of the complex configurations consisting of unified blocks, which are standard ISO-containers with fully operational process equipment and piping.

PASS software used PASS/EQUIP
How PASS software helped in the project execution

PASS/EQUIP Vessel&Exchanger was used to calculate the pressure vessel strength according to the requirements of GOST 34347-2017.

PASS software helped to significantly reduce time spent on calculations. PASS Software helped to complete vessel analysis within 1 working day, while manual calculations could have taken at least two weeks.

Results Mobile units for oil, gas and water treatment plants have been constructed for leading Russian EPC companies.
Company Profile
  • Company name
    Oilteam Engineering
  • Website
  • Field of activities
    Design and manufacture of mobile oil & gas equipment; well production preparation services
  • Headcount
    > 100

Oilteam is an independent service provider established in 2010 to provide solutions across various segments of the oil and gas industry such as: early production systems, full range of well testing and formation testing operations, field development planning and optimization, development, fabrication and implementation of oil and gas equipment, and offshore engineering. The company’s key customers are Gazprom and its subsidiaries, Rosneft and its subsidiaries, Lukoil-West Siberia, Zarubezhneft JSC.